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Mystery Munitions        

This group is a confidential discussion board for EOD/ERW/UXO workers, deminers, and campaigners, to help us identify munitions and weapons we come across. Please keep the discussions internal to this group, and ask discussants for permission before you quote anything they say. And remember, we are discussing identifications, so don't consider anything final until we agree on the identification.


Bomb Disposal - IEDD / EOD / Demolition Teams / Land-Mine Clearing              

Bomb disposal is the process by which hazardous explosive devices and Improvised Explosive Devices are rendered safe. 

Bomb disposal is an all encompassing term to describe the separate, but interrelated functions in the following fields:

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD)

The eruption of low intensity conflicts and terrorism waves at the beginning of the 21st century caused further development in the techniques and methods of Bomb Disposal. EOD Operators and Technicians had to adapt to rapidly evolving methods of constructing Improvised Explosive Devices ranging from shrapnel-filled explosive belts to 100 kg IED charges. 

Since improvised explosives are generally unreliable and very unstable they pose great risk to the public and especially to the EOD / IEDD Operator, trying to render them safe.

Initially there were no specialised tools, training, or core knowledge available, and as Ammunition Technicians learned how to safely neutralise one variant of munition, the enemy would add or change parts to make neutralisation efforts more hazardous. This trend of cat-and-mouse extends even to the present day, and the various techniques used to disarm munitions are not publicised.

Sometimes, people confuse Engineers or Sappers with EOD / IEDD 
However, while complimentary, and often working closely, they have differing skill sets - Bomb Disposal Operators EOD handling the large scale problem of conventional unexploded munitions, IEDD dealing / providing Improvised Explosive Device Disposal. 

All prospective EOD / IEDD Operators attend a grueling course of instruction at The Army School of Ammunition. The time frame for an EOD / IEDD to complete all necessary courses prior to finally be placed on an IEDD / EOD team is around 36 months. Whereas the Engineer EOD training period although shorter in total is spread over a number of years and interspersed with operational experience.




Here is a group for the discussion of all matters pertaining to UXO and EOD situations, lifestyle and jobs...





In 2000 four guys were sitting having a meal in Bihac Bosnia and decided that the world just wasn’t big enough. We all are part of the global community but, what else is there?

It was decided that to be truly without frontiers that the only way ahead was to be “intergalactic” and so the Intergalactic EOD and Demining Foundation or IGEOD was conceived.

IGEOD is about helping to promote professionalism and friendship (sometimes lacking in this business) amongst all IGEOD members and the greater EOD community. IGEOD is about sharing information and knowledge (nobody knows it all) and not trying to “score points” against others….We are all brothers & Sisters within the EOD family.

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